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Get things done with MyRoutine in 2024!
MyRoutine is a daily to-do & routine planner app designed to maximize your productivity and well-being.

Manage and record your daily routines, habits, schedule, to-dos, goals, and diary in a single routine planner with reminders & widgets. Make your day more structured and turn your goals into reality!


■ Easily Manage Numerous Routines

- View all your routines at a glance
- Easily find and add routines that suit you
- Ideal for users with many tasks, including those who care for children, pets, or plants

■ Track Habits and Mood Together

- Mood tracking is a great habit; manage it alongside your other habits
- No need for separate habit and mood tracking apps
- Add mood tracking to your routine list, check it off to log your score, feelings, and diary entries
- Includes mood score graphs and a monthly journal overview

■ Create your own perfect routines

- Easily create your own routine
- Get recommended routines tailored to your goals

■ Reminders & Widgets to keep you grounded

- Customize the reminders you want to receive
- Stay in close touch with your routines through widgets!
- Especially useful for those with ADHD

■ Personalize settings

- Check completed routines with your favorite emojis
- Set routine reminders at your preferred time
- Personalize the app view to your liking

■ Routines, Schedule, To-dos, and Goals in one organizer app

- A one-stop shop for any day's routines, schedule, to-dos, and goals
- Manage everything in a single daily routine planner
- Do it all in one place, easily and without procrastination.

■ Have fun tracking your own progress

- Track your daily progress with Green Lights
- View daily, weekly, and monthly statistics at a glance
- Stay motivated by earning Badges and Stamps along the way!

■ Quick and intuitive progress review

- View your recorded routines through our monthly reports
- Check your monthly journals in one place

■ Socialize with Fellow Routiners to stay inspired

- Browse your Fellow Routiners' feeds for inspiration and motivation
- Connect with friends to stay accountable

With MyRoutine, you can organize your life in the most scientific and sustainable way possible: with a routine planner, daily reminders, habit tracker, to-do lists, mood tracking, and goal management. If you want to make the most of your day and efficiently manage your responsibilities, join MyRoutine and start structuring your day to organize your life!

We, the MyRoutine Team, believe that pursuing your routines is key to becoming your best self. Created with care and passion, we hope you make good habits a consistent part of your life!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

- Contact: [email protected]
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