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Myriad Calculator

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Myriad Calculator

Myriad is a modern calculator for iPhone and iPad that offers 34 predesigned worksheets. Need to calculate the tip at a restaurant? There's a worksheet for that. Converting milliliters to teaspoons? There's a worksheet for that too. Buying a new home? Yep, there's a worksheet that tells you the monthly payment on the loan.

33 worksheets are unlocked with in-app purchases, while the Restaurant Bill worksheet, general-purpose calculator, and all other features are completely free.

In addition, Myriad has many useful features that other calculators leave out:

• Myriad keeps a running math expression that shows everything you've entered.

• A history list records each calculation you make so you can check for mistakes or copy past answers. You can easily delete, reuse, and reorder items.

• Myriad includes sales tax buttons to add or subtract sales tax from a total.

• A dedicated undo button lets you easily correct mistakes.

• Tap "round" to round off numbers to a set decimal place.

• Myriad includes keyboard shortcuts, perfect for iPad Pro.

• Myriad automatically switches between light and dark themes and uses bolder, darker text when it’s bright out.

• Choose between nine daytime colors and nine nighttime colors.

• Myriad supports system-wide accessibility technologies, including Darken Colors and Smart Invert.

• I even wrote a full user manual that you can read inside the app!

Myriad is great for math and science problems too:

• Enter extremely large or small numbers using exponential notation.

• Calculate exponentials, logarithms, and factorials from the button pad in both portrait and landscape orientations.

• Use the Trigonometry worksheet to convert angles and compute trig functions, the Quadratics worksheet to solve quadratic/parabolic equations, and the Exponentials worksheet to compute multiple exponentials and logarithms at once.

Plus, it works on your wrist too:
Use the Apple Watch app to make quick calculations from your wrist and impress your friends. It handles percentages and sales tax, and even includes a handy worksheet for figuring the tip and splitting payment when eating out.
Chad Lechner