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My Pregnancy Days is an appcessory for mom, dad, and families to have pleasant pregnancy life. You can monitor weight, read practical guidelines and tips, know what to expect, share with your loved ones and keep the memories alive forever.

[ My Pregnancy Days APP includes several features ]

( 1 ) Daily Tips for 280 days that provides the general pregnancy knowledge and let them know what going to happen and how to deal with it.

( 2 ) Family Diary lets Mother-to-be share her thought, happiness, life and more with her loved ones. Bring whole family together, give them a way to share the feeling and give their fully support to the mother.

( 3 ) My Pregnancy Days also has many useful tools, kick counter, birth plan, shopping list and more.

( 4 ) After delivery, My pregnancy days can generates personal pregnancy book automatically. User can keep their treasure memories alive forever.

( 5 ) Integrates with the Health app

[ Smart Scale has two features ]

( 1 ) Healthy Weight Tracking which helps expectant mother to keep in the personalized ideal weight range through a wireless weight scale. Proper amount of weight gain during pregnancy is helpful to avoid some diseases like GDM(gestational diabetes mellitus), pregnancy-induced hypertension and more. Expectant mother can stand on weight scale without iPhone because the weight scale can keep 240 entries. They can sync weight data to their iPhone whenever they want. Moreover, this weight scale is designed from outside to inside for expectant mother. Mother-to-be can easily check their weight info and avoid not being able to see number on the scale because of their big belly.

( 2 ) Anti-slip surface design yields a aesthetic and non-slip affect. Anti-tilt mat design avoids potentially dangerous when expectant mother does not stand on correct place.

Pregnancy is a big event in a woman’s life. Every expectant mother hopes they can have healthy babies, keeping in wellness and pleasant pregnancy life. But how? Is there anything that could help them and make them healthy and happy?

Weight scale currently on the market, you can not find one that combined weight tracking with family diary, pregnancy knowledge and memory book for pregnant mother. OZAKI realized what expectant mother needed. My Pregnancy Days includes Healthy Weight Tracking, Daily Tips for 280 days, Family diary, Memory book and Bonus App O!fitness WeightMe for pregnant mother after giving birth.