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MyOrder Refuelling and Parking

by MyOrder
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MyOrder Refuelling and Parking

by MyOrder
PAY ATTENTION: Important news considering the MyOrder-app!

MyOrder is changing
We are almost celebrating our 10th anniversary. We were the first app which made it possible to order a glass of beer on a terrace in Groningen in 2008 and today we offer mobile services in thirteen (!) categories. When it’s (almost) your birthday, it’s time to think about what you are doing. Where do we come from, where are we now and most important; where do we want to go? You as a user are our inspiration and most important to us, so we’ve taken a closer look at the most-used categories and where our apps offer the most convenience in your lifestyle.

Let’s GO!
That’s why we have decided to focus 100% on the mobility services which you can use on the go, by creating a whole new and better app: On the GO! With this mobility app (for every car owner), you can park and fuel easier and quicker. In On the GO! we also introduce the ability to pay later. You can directly drive off after your fueling session and park without an ending time (start/stop) and pay for your fuel or parking session at a later time via an iDEAL link which will be sent by mail to you. The option to pay for your fuel or parking session upfront with iDEAL will stay available, of course.

From MyOrder to On the GO!
To be able to focus dedicated on our mobility services (parking and fueling) in the new On the GO! app and offer you the greatest experience of your life, we need to say goodbye to all the other categories and the current MyOrder app from the 1st of October 2017. We will make sure that the transition for you as a user will be as smooth as possible, that’s why we added the option to transfer easily from the MyOrder app to the new On the GO! app.