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MyIPv4 in Notification Center

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MyIPv4 in Notification Center

Welcome to My IPv4 in Center.
- Foreground use
- Baground: together with Notification Center

Like normal apps will show you current connected devices.
- You can tap refresh to reload IPv4
- Disable baground notifications switch
- Show the IPv4 for every connected device (VPN too)
- WiFI device let's you review MAC Address (the unique network interface identifier)
- Tap on the interface to mail IPv4 or MAC Address! Very useful feature for IT Administrators

Background use:
Innovative feature!
- Enable the background notifies switch and "close" the by (send it to background)
- Application will check your interfaces status every 30 seconds
- On IPv4 value change the App will notify you via local Notification Center

- Refresh automatically
- Watch Notification
- Notification Center Widget
- iOS8
- iPhone 6
- iPhone 6 Plus