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myHome is the most complete app for HomeKit compatible home automation - there is no better choice

myHome - the complete and comfortable and fancy way to control all of your HomeKit compatible home automation accessories on any of your iOS devices. It is fully translated to English, German and Italian.

myHome is designed to control all types of HomeKit compatible devices, services and characteristics and is widely customizable to your needs.

myHome configures and controls your home
- management of your accessories and services, including category filtering
- rooms and zones, personal photos can be assigned
- assign individual icons to rooms, zones, groups and scenes
- scenes and triggers can be organized in folders
- service groups, can control common characteristics with one finger tip
- users
- and time and event based triggers incl. iBeacon support for event based triggers
- full camera support
- using AND/OR in trigger conditions
- showing which timer triggers are going to be executed next
- log that shows what has been executed incl. current activities log
- weekday restrictions in all triggers
- duplicating scenes and triggers
- LBE scanner to scan your bluetooth devices
- Siri shortcuts can be used to toggle triggers (enable/disable)

myHome supports all iOS devices and comes with
- 4 different today extensions ("widgets") for home overview, favorite scenes, services and service groups and cameras
- Apple Watch app with unlimited Complications
- Context menus for shortcuts and almost everywhere in the app
- Handoff to handover from watch to iPhone or iPad
- iBeacon support
- Siri shortcut support for enabling/disabling triggers and to show cameras
- You can save your HomeKit setup codes in the app. There is an automatic synchronization to all devices. The codes can also be exported as a PDF and also be viewed on the Apple Watch
- backup and restore your home setup to support an emergency situation

If it's not in myHome, it's not in HomeKit (at least for developers)

Requires iOS 15+

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Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.
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Joerg Wissemann