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myHealthPal ®

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myHealthPal ®

Created by someone with Parkinson's, myHealthPal is a powerful digital companion that enables people to manage their health. It captures and visualises data, transforming information into knowledge for family, doctors, and research.

myHealthPal is based on five important building blocks that enable patients to take control and help others:

1 -> is taking control of your health.
2 -> is keeping track of symptoms and medication.
3 -> is keeping your loved ones in the know.
4 -> is connecting with experts and peers.
5 -> is helping others going through the same.

It's all about better health & making the day to day more positive. A single platform for managing multiple conditions, our first condition pack is for Parkinson's with more to come.

myHealthPal can provide better insights by linking with data from other apps & devices, or Apple's HealthKit.

No data will ever be used unless it is donated through our data donate programme.

myHealthPal & dataDonate are registered trademarks belonging to the myHealthPal group of companies and may not be used without permission.
Mike Barlow