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MyGram is an unofficial user friendly application upon lovely telegram. MyGram is safe and secure, it is same as Telegram but with many additional features:

*(For the first time in all Telegram versions) Metro Hover: By Metro Hover feature others cannot read your messages while they are looking at your mobile screen,

* Quick Menu: Using Quick Menu You are able to modify MyGram specific settings wherever you are.

* Invisible Mode: hides your online status from your friend, you can use your application like a ghost.

* Mutual Contacts: lets you see which of your contacts has your number too.

* Invisible Seen: lets you see your new message while your partner is not informed.

* Invisible Typing Status: no one can see you are typing, recording voice and sending file.

* Useful Categories: All conversations are categorized to Simple Chat, Groups, Super Groups, Bots and Channels. Also you have a Favorite category which lets you add your specific conversations to that.

* Beautiful Font: You are not suffering Telegram ugly font any more!

* Sticker Confirmation: confirm your sticker before sending, helps you avoid important mistakes.

* Anonymous Forward: lets you forward your messages from every where without mentioning the source,

* Edit Forward: lets you edit received messages before forwarding them.

* Fast Forward: fast forward in everywhere not just in channels.

and many other useful features ....

Be with us to receive the best version of Telegram...
Mahdi Feizabadi