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Whether you are hitting balls at the driving range or just practicing your swing in the backyard, MyGolfStrokeDriver can improve your game. MyGolfStrokeDriver utilizes the power of the Apple Watch in conjunction with iPhone to give golfers feedback on their clubface position at the most critical moment in their swing: when the clubface contacts the ball. MyGolfStrokeDriver also shows maximum club acceleration along with a simulation of your golf shot. Based on data collected during your swing, the golf shot simulation will show if your swing would have resulted in a hook or slice, giving users information needed to help eliminate bad habits – or just fine tune good habits.

Simply launch MyGolfStrokeDriver on your iPhone, select a golf hole and select a club. Then start MyGolfStrokeDriver on your Apple Watch and swing away. Data about your swing is processed in your iPhone and the results are presented visually and numerically.

No data is collected by this app – your privacy is one of your most important assets, and we respect that. If you choose to upgrade to the MyGolfStroke app (also available on the App Store), the app price covers the fully functional version with no subscriptions, advertisements or locked features. Recommended for iPhone 8 Plus and newer phones.
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