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MyFit6 OnDemand

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MyFit6 OnDemand

No matter how busy or tired you might be from travel, there is always some way to sneak in an effective exercise session. Pushing yourself with a physical challenge is energizing and it’s been proven by science that if you sweat for a certain amount of time each day, it improves your mood and has many other health benefits as well. If you look at your schedule closely enough, I guarantee that there is some free time in between activities that you could use to squeeze in a quick (but effective) workout! Josh has put together a program for everybody and every schedule! Results start here With the Fit6 App on the go we can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle through proven fitness and nutrition programs complete with all the instructions you need! Come experience the 6 pillars of fitness as well as customized eating plans, and one-of-a-kind support.

*Connecting your Apple Watch requires sharing your Health App information to measure heart rate and calories, as well as earn higher leaderboard points in zone 2-4 max heart rate zones.

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