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Use the power of your data to advocate for your health.

Connect data from your Apple Health and Fitbit, retrieve your medical records, and participate in health projects such as:

- DETECT Health Study. To help scientists spot viral outbreaks, use MyDataHelps to share any symptoms you may have, and also provide data like your resting heart rate, if you have a wearable device from companies like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Withings, and others.

- Symptom Shark. A daily symptom tracker designed for people with multiple or complex chronic conditions. Choose the symptoms and treatments YOU want to track. Generate reports of your symptom trends to share with your doctor or other caregivers.

MyDataHelps hosts more than 20 health projects sponsored by major health institutions, from research studies to symptom trackers.

Some projects may ask for your location data for specific features of the project. You can always decide not to share this information.