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myCoAP - Communication via the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP RFC 7252)

- Pick an CoAP endpoint/server to start an exchange.
- Create CoAP messages with respective options, payloads, etc. and send them to a picked endpoint.
- Scan endpoint for .well-known/core resources and use them as template.
- Ping endpoint.
- Get detailed information on received messages (e.g. token, message id, options with values, etc).
- Set custom communication behavior for each exchange (e.g. activate caching, block1 size, etc).
- Observe resources.
- Get a detailed overview of your received messages.
- Save endpoints, options, payloads and even entire messages to your favorites to have them available any time you want.

- Sync your favorite messages with your Apple Watch and send them directly from your wrist.
- Build a CoAP message with just a few touches by selecting from your favorite endpoint/payload and option "tiles".

This app builds upon the Open-Source Library "SwiftCoAP"
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