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MyCam Pro

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MyCam Pro

MyCam is a professional camera app with cutting-edge technologies for iPhone and Apple Watch. Its powerful shooting function and various editing functions support your camera life.
We focus on usability. The UI design lets you operate the app intuitively, and you can use Siri shortcuts and widget to launch the app quickly. Besides, MyCam can connect to Apple Watch. It makes Apple Watch show images on iPhone, start to take photos/videos, and change camera settings. We hope the combination of Apple Watch and iPhone make you enjoy taking photos and videos more than before.

---Main functions---
●Camera functions
-Shooting modes
・Live Photo
・Time Lapse
・Portrait (*1)

*1: Only for iPhone with a dual lens camera.

-Photo shooting
・Aspect ratio options
・Interval shooting
・RAW / Apple ProRAW shooting (*2)
・Format (HEIC/JPEG)
・Metadata editing (Geotagging/Artist name/Copyright)

*2: Only for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

-Video shooting
・Resolution options (VGA, HD, FHD, 4K)
・FPS editing (24fps – 240fps)
・Codec (HEVC/H.264)
・Metadata editing (Geotagging/Artist name/Copyright)

*3: In-app purchase is required for 4K video shooting.

-Time lapse shooting
・Time-lapse interval options
・Resolution options (VGA, HD, FHD, 4K)
・Long timer

*4: In-app purchase is required for 4K video shooting.

-Mutual operations
・Focus, exposure, ISO speed, shutter speed, white balance options
・Digital zoom
・Lens options (Wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, telephoto)

-Photo/video shooting supporters
・AE/AF lock
・Grid (4-/9-/16-split screen, diagonal lines, diagonal lines + circle, golden ratio)
・Date stamp

●Photo editing functions
-Editing functions
・Color temperature
・Filters (64 options)
・Light leak (40 options)
・Films (20 options)
・Color shift

- Editor preset file
You can save your favorite custom settings as preset files to use them whenever you like. You can also send and share them with your friends.

●Connecting with Apple Watch
Apple Watch shows an image on iPhone at the same time.
You can change a photo shooting mode and other settings on Apple Watch as well.

-Main functions
・Displaying images of the camera
・Editing the camera settings
・Displaying photos you took and metadata

-Siri shortcuts
You can add your favorite custom settings to Siri shortcuts.

You can choose a photo to display on the widget. A photo folder can be added to the widget to display a photo randomly there.

-Quick action
You can change the contents and order of them on Quick Action Menu.

・App icon options
・Photo/video metadata viewer
・Create/delete/rename photo albums

●In-app purchase
In-app purchase is required to use the functions below.
・4K video shooting
・4K time-lapse video shooting

If any points of this app are unclear or you have any opinions, please contact us at the Feedback page in the app or the support center below.
[email protected]
Naoya Maeda