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Control your AI devices from anywhere in the world with our myAI® control platform.

- Control any wirelessly enabled AI device.
- Connect locally or through the cloud with our myAI® service.
- Configure and control multiple AI-FI lights and Nero pumps.
- Manage multiple Director devices with up to 10 tanks each and 30 lights.
- Setup a timer with a touch of your finger for each of your light’s colors.
- Share & save your customized AI Preset.
- Use manual mode to adjust the light to your liking using color sliders or Kelvin color temperature control.
- Control realistic effects like:
- Weather
- Lunar cycle
- Use our coral acclimation mode to welcome your new livestock.
- Fast forward through your timers to preview your changes.
- Assign lights to a group to control them independently from other lights.

Supports the following devices from AquaIllumination:
- Nero 5
- AI Prime
- AI Prime Fresh Water
- AI Prime Fuge
- AI Prime HD
- AI Director
- AI Hydra
- AI Hydra FiftyTwo
- AI Hydra FiftyTwo HD
- AI Hydra TwentySix
- AI Hydra TwentySix HD
- AI Vega
- AI Nano
- AI Sol
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