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myActor (aka My Active Data) is a cutting-edge personal AI platform that incorporates both multi-modal and multi–model capabilities. The application is designed to aggregate and organize various types of personal data, using techniques similar to those employed by biological neural networks, to establish connections and associations between ideas.

Active Data combines conventional data with advanced models such as machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial neural networks, enabling it to not only classify data, but also initiate actions such as communicating with conversational websites, chatbots, and other dialogue applications.

One of the platform's key features is its internal neural network, which creates a personalized profile for each user. This profile can be used to assist with tasks such as shopping, and can also help monitor the user's health, collect subjective and objective symptoms and interact with healthcare providers.

With My Active Data, you can rest assured that your information will always remain secure and in your control. The application stores all data directly on your device. Unlike other services that rely on hidden cookies, registrations, or other means of collecting user data for marketing purposes, My Active Data is designed to protect your privacy at all times. It does not share or transmit any of your data to external services without your explicit permission.

Additionally, My Active Data can even function as a personal server that you can turn on and off at your command. This provides you with complete control over your data and ensures that it is always accessible when you need it, while remaining secure when you don't.

Overall, My Active Data is a highly secure and customizable solution that lets you take control of your personal data. It is a powerful tool that leverages the latest AI technologies to provide users with a more personalized and efficient data management experience.
Sergey Tolkachev