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My Windsurf

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My Windsurf

The application Windsurfing now combines the maximum functionality necessary for your favorite sport:
- calculation of equipment sizes
- GPS tracker for recording races
- Altimeter for recording the height of jumps
- Track player for analysis of action
- Importing tracks from other devices (*.sbp, *.sbn, *.gpx, *.tcx)
- Exporting the video from player to social networks
- Weather forecast for given spots on the map
- Notifications about suitable weather forecast for 1-3 days
- History of activity and export to Facebook

My Windsurf - it is a realistic tool for customizing your sports equipment! You specify your weight and level of training, and get the recommended sizes of equipment depending on the wind speed. The calculation is performed for two modes: freeride and slalom. The application uses new formula calculations, as close to the manufacturer's recommendations. Format sizes: boards in liters, sails in square meters, fins in centimeters.

Now this is not just a helper in choosing the right size of equipment for specific wind conditions. MapKit framework was added to application for working with maps and the history of your actions is also preserved!

The maximum size of the sail is limited to 12.5 for freeride and 10.0 for slalom, because the bigger size is not supported by the manufacturer. For the present the level of training supports two modes: amateur and expert. Amateur mode provides slightly smaller sail in accordance with the calculation formula, slightly larger fin and limit displacement of the board (board size will not be less than the floatage limit). Expert mode means that you can ride on small boards, as at increasing wind estimated size of the board may be less than your weight.

By the instrumentality of Flat-Wave switch the current state of the surface water on the spot is set. This affects the size of the board. It is not a secret that many experienced riders try to use smaller board in a big chop, as it improves your control.

Take into consideration that the calculation corresponds to the averaged data. It is impossible to take into account the abilities of each individual rider. You can always use either larger or smaller size of windsurf kit. There are many riders, skaters who use fairly large boards in rather strong wind, but if they use a smaller size board – they will sure like this, as they get more control over the windsurf kit and greater speed. In any case, we will respond to your comments and suggestions to improve the program and add the new facilities.

IMPORTANT! The application is not intended for beginners, while learning your skills will improve and gradually you will take the smaller board and the larger sail

This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.
Oleg Levkutnik