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My Water Tracker+ Waterminder

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My Water Tracker+ Waterminder

Waterminder tracks your water intake in a simple and easy way. It reminds you to drink water regularly.
Hydration is essential for human body. Waterminder reminds you to hydrate properly & maintain the balance of your body fluids by drinking water.

Features of Waterminder
• Smart reminders during your day
• Track water from anything you drink: 30+ most popular beverages
• Handy Apple Watch app
• Create your own beverages
• Hydration history calendar
• Oz/Ml measure units
• All features are based on scientific studies of building healthy habits

Benefits of drinking water
+ Weight loss & healthy skin
+ Improves productivity & mood
+ Relieves fatigue & boosts energy
+ Healthier heart, immune system & brain
+ Regulates blood pressure & body temperature
Kalyani Bhimavarapu