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My Walk Tracker

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My Walk Tracker

Whether you are a beginner or a pro looking for a simple way to track, log and analyze your walks, My-Walk-Tracker might just be what you have been looking for.

Simple, efficient navigation without compromising on data accuracy, analysis and presentation. All key metrics of your walks are just a few taps away.

The ideal walk companion to keep track of your workout, either on the iPhone or the Apple Watch.

We take great care to provide the highest level of accuracy when it comes to track and analyse your walk metrics via a clear, easy navigation structure.

Our 'Walk Guardian' enables you to invite trusted friends or family members to follow your walk activity in realtime for safety or for motivation. Keeping pace of mind, knowing your beloved ones are following you step by step along your way.

Our walk analytics is optimized for Fitness, Speed, Power and Nordic walking styles, but My-Walk-Tracker adjusts the biometric calculations automatically for Jogging and Running as well.

At the end of the workout we present a detailed overview how your current walk compares with your historical average, giving you an indication of your progress towards your fitness goals.

App Benefits
• Highly accurate location tracking utilizing Apple Location service
• Support for Apple Watch, record your walk from the Watch. Syncs automatically to the iPhone app when recording is finished
• Get notification when you stop walking while recording is active or when you walk again while recording is paused
• Set manually Waypoints along your route anytime to split your walk into sections
• Trim your walk route if you forgot to stop recording while driving home with a car
• Recording of Indoor and Treadmill walks with selectable walk inclination
• Motivational and fun: Pixel-walk challenge. Build an image step-by-step, Pixel-by-Pixel
• Elevation profile of your route in meters or feet
• One-screen summary of accumulated distance, steps, as well as average values of key indicators like distance, speed and calories burned
• Pause function, if you need to take a breath without counting the time or distance
• Data backup / restore to/from your private iCloud in case you switch devices or for additional data security
• No login required
• Personal data required for performance calculations are stored on your device only
• All analytics are saved on your device and an optional backup to your iCloud account.

Key Features:
⁃ Various voice prompt options for frequency and feedback types
⁃ Realtime speed, pace, altitude indication right on the the live tracking map
⁃ Color coded Speed Map: after the walk is completed, the color coded track indicates the speed variations along the workout path
⁃ Walk Guardian, follow your friend’s walk for safety or encouragement in realtime
⁃ Trim your walk route, cut off unwanted portions of your recording
⁃ Add your walk data and route to Health workouts
⁃ Notification when not walking while in recording mode and when walking while recording is paused
⁃ Quick Summary of your total workout
⁃ Workout Metrics include: Pace, Steps, Calories burned, Distance and Speed
⁃ Export your walk statistic data in CSV format and your walk route in GPX format
⁃ Switchable between Km or Miles
⁃ Elevation Profile along the route

We will keep My Walk Tracker free - forever. To fund our Coffee breaks while working on new features, we use a few Ads discretely embedded in our UI.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Erich Zainzinger