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My Teleprompter

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My Teleprompter

Need to record a video but keep forgetting your lines? Getting tongue tied?

Whatever the reason, fear no more, with My Teleprompter!

Just load your speech, press record and confidently read the speech to make that all-important speech like a seasoned professional!

Developed with an experienced public speaker, this app gives you the control to record your speech without forgetting your lines - just like world leaders and Oscars presenters!

Almost everyone has experience using the iPhone / iPad's camera to record a video of themselves.

We simply took that idea and added a few useful features to the built-in camera.

It's simple to use:

- Load your speech text.
- Start recording.
- Use your finger to scroll the text up or down.
- Hold finger down if you want continuous text scrolling.
- You control the tempo (as you should).
- Deliver your speech.
- Press stop when finished.

Easy, right?

The design directs your eyes close to the camera so that it looks as if you're looking at the camera. Works best if you have an iPhone X!

Record your speech in portrait or landscape modes, right-handed or left-handed.

We can't help you write the perfect speech, but we can help you perfect your delivery!
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