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My Spot

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My Spot

My Spot allows you to find and share spots that have yet to be explored.

----- Features: -----
- Save spots with pictures and location coordinates
- Download and share spots with friends
- Find spots posted by others in the community around you
- Back up all spots and playlists to iCloud
- Create playlists of of spots
- Share your playlists with a group of friends and collaborate by all adding spots to the same playlist
- Add Widgets to your home screen to find spots near you at a glance
- Use the watch extension to quickly search for spots in your area
- Use the iMessage app to send all your spots through messages
- Add comments to share your thoughts on your favorite spots
- Check the weather of any spot before visiting
- Vote on your favorite spots with a group of friends on Facetime with SharePlay

----- Who is My Spot for? -----
EVERYONE, If you are a skater, it is difficult to simply search on the internet for skating spots in your area. If I you are an avid cliff jumper, it is also nearly impossible to find decent spots at the local lake with just the internet. You may be a hiker, mountain climber, bird watcher, mountain biker, etc. or all the above. My Spot will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Even if you are just someone looking for a quiet place to watch the sunset, My Spot is for you! 

And now create a shared playlist where you and all your friends can collaborate on a playlist! Let's say you have a friend group who loves to hike, now you can create a hiking playlist with all your hiking friends who can add or remove spots from one playlist. And the owner can remove anyone from the playlist or limit their permissions to read only at any time.

Exploration starts with you, download My Spot now and join the community.
Isaac Paschall