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We help you and your family feel safer.

The official SOS Telecare personal alert app to help improve the Health and Safety of Lone
Workers, Travellers, Holiday makers, Students, Women, Children/Kids and Seniors/Elders, their Carers and family.

You can send for help by simply pressing the Help Me Button.
The App allows you at least 12 ways to discreetly trigger the SOS alert.

This is more than just a SOS Panic Alarm.

We do not rely on your phone or use your “phone’s plan” to alert your emergency contacts - instead, we use a secure, dedicated, fully-automated Alert system that sits outside of your phone.

Our secure systems manage the whole alert process and sends & receives SMS's, sends emails and makes Alert telephone calls, back and forth to all your "UNLIMITED" SOS Family network no matter where they are in the world, keeping them all updated.

Where does it work?

Anywhere and every-country where there is a signal.

Do my friends, family, work-colleagues, employers, carers need an App or Smartphone?

NO, My SOS Family works with all devices including :- Landlines, Simple Mobile phones, Smart phones and Email.

Am I limited to the number of people or types of contacts in My SOS Family?

NO! You can add an unlimited number of people & add all their contact methods ; Landline-phone-call, SMS, email (and we keep adding more methods)

Can I decide who to contact when, for example my parents at night on their landline and their 
work numbers in the day?

YES, you can easily choose How, When and Who and How many times, you can easily choose and change to send alerts to everyone simultaneously or stagger people to receive them one after the other.

If I go abroad I will turn off roaming, will it work then?

YES, the App switches to SMS when there is no data network coverage (this feature will only work if your apple device has a SIM card). 

New Features:

Move/edit My SOS Family Widget to the top of widget list so you can trigger the SOS alert quickly by swiping from left to right when you phone is unlocked.
Use your voice and ask Siri to “Open My SOS Family App” and say your “safe-word” to trigger the SOS alert, activate in the Settings screen.

Use your earphones as a remote control to trigger the SOS alert, activate in setting screen.

Update your location in the background & log your location for extra safety, you choose how accurate to save your battery life, activate in the Settings screen.

Connect and use any Bluetooth button (BLE) to discreetly trigger your SOS alert, connect in the Settings screen.

Send check-in emails with your location and message to pre-set contacts by pressing a single button, ( in the settings screen turn on Check-in and within your account screen next to each of the contacts you want to send check-in emails, tick the relevant box).

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."