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My SOS Family Emergency Alerts

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My SOS Family Emergency Alerts

You shouldn’t have to deal with an emergency on your own, or solely rely on strangers when you’ve got family, friends and colleagues who know you and can help.

We understand how it feels to face an emergency alone, that’s why we created My SOS Family.

Our service has been used and trusted by thousands of people in 12 countries, it’s been featured in the press and seen on tv.

3 easy steps to improve your safety:

1. Download the My SOS Family App.
2. Add people you trust (SOS Family).
3. Test the service on yourself or others.

With My SOS Family you’ll feel confident and better prepared for that unknown emergency.
Avoid facing it alone without an action plan, or solely relying on strangers to help.

-- 5 unique things that makes us different to everyone else --

1) Some apps only send SMSs, so do we, but we also CALL emergency contacts, because few people read an SMS at 3am or when driving.

2) Some apps force everyone to have the same app, these apps are prone to failure in weak data coverage areas or when data roaming is turned off, in contrast only the user needs this App, it’s hard to believe but our emergency call service can even be triggered without this App.

3) Other apps require users getting in touch in advance with someone who agrees to monitor their trip, we understand it’s natural for people become less vigilant after 20-30 so uneventful trips, you’ll never need to get touch with someone in advance with My SOS Family.

4) Group 'messenger' app messages get ignored because of the volume of messages, you can’t afford delays when urgency is vital, people don’t ignore a My SOS Family emergency call and text.

5) Group SOS texts to everyone create unorganised chaos, our emergency calls and texts can be set to alert everyone simultaneously or in priority-order.
We ask someone to take responsibility for the SOS, when they do, we’ll tell the others “who” is helping so they can stand-down with confidence.

-- Feature Packed –

This App has lots of easy-to-trigger short-cuts and features like:

- Hands-free voice activation,
- Link and use your Alexa smart speaker to send for help,
- Set the SOS timer to protect against risky situations,
- Link and use your landline to trigger alerts.

Explore the App settings and test and pick your favourite one(s).

They’re designed to be easy-to-use by everyone.

My SOS Family' emergency call service is the easiest way to take responsibility for you and your family’s safety.

Don’t delay download and test My SOS Family today.

Avoid facing an emergency alone, without an action plan, or having to solely rely on strangers to help.
Feel confident & better prepared for any emergency with My SOS Family.