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My SOS Family Emergency Alerts

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My SOS Family Emergency Alerts

We understand your concerns about the safety of yourself, your family members, friends, or employees when they’re alone or in isolated locations.
It couldn’t be easier to get help fast, from people you know and trust, 24/7 with this App.

It’s not always a 911 emergency, but if it was, do you know how long it may take?
Can you see the benefit of someone you know and trust helping you when you most need help?

Getting your family, friends, fellow workers or a manager alerted of details of the emergency situation you are facing together with your location, as well as calling emergency services all in a single button, makes sense, doesn’t it?

Intelligent innovation for everyone
Whilst other apps use your phone to send SMS alerts, and let’s face it, when was the last time you checked an SMS at 3am or when driving?

Other Apps force everyone in a network to have the same app, but if there is weak coverage, alerts are missed, and in-app notification alerts are noticed even less than SMS’s.

Because we get loads of group 'messenger' app notifications, when busy we tend to ignore them, you can’t afford delays when urgency is vital.

The last category of apps focuses on tracking users, this means getting in touch with someone in advance who’ll agree to monitor every trip.
Let’s be honest, I'm worried I won't be as vigilant on the 30th trip as the first I monitored, if during all the other 29 trips nothing happened.

In contrast, this easy-to-use App is designed around the user and their emergency contacts.

Within 2 seconds of pressing the button, emergency contacts' phones start ringing.
The two-way alerting service asks emergency contacts to take charge, when one of them does, we instantly update everyone else (and you), providing details of who is dealing with the situation and where they are.

This prevents your emergency contacts from panicking, duplicating actions, and making the situation even more stressful than it needs to be, because they have visibility and know who is helping.

You don’t have to ask your trusted network of emergency contacts to download any app, you're protected instantly simply by downloading this App.

Your personal Guardian Angel
When entering a potentially dangerous or problematic situation, location or starting an activity; Simply set the SOS Countdown Timer, which is as easy as setting a wake-up alarm.

If something happens, and it's impossible to press the panic button, be confident everyone will still be alerted when the countdown reaches zero.

Feature Packed
The App is designed to be easy-to-use, with lots of short-cuts to trigger alerts for example hands-free voice activation from within the App or at the lock-screen.

Explore the App settings and pick your favorite one(s).

The App will still work even if there is no WIFI or data, so it really is the swiss pocket knife of emergency SOS services.

Alexa Enabled
If you have any Amazon Alexa product, you'll get the value added benefit from even more coverage when at home and using your voice. Simply link to our ‘My SOS Family’ Alexa Skill from within the App or within Alexa - this is our bonus gift to you, that no other SOS provider can give you.

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People willing to help me I call 'Family', My SOS Family.