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My Running Tracker

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My Running Tracker

***HealthKit Integration: Active calories, distance and duration of workouts are automatically added toward activity goals and saved in HealthKit***

MyRunningTracker is the complete system for serious runners :

*** Plan ***
• Design your training sessions with the built in calendar
• Specify the main goal of the session (endurance, fast intervals, etc.)
• Add as many intervals as you want (distance / duration based, with pace or heart rate goal)
• You can use calendar helper to copy sessions plans.
All your sessions sync automatically via iCloud to the Apple Watch app.

*** Train ***
• Start tracking your running sessions with the Apple Watch app.
• Haptic coaching: 
- Get alerts to be as close as possible to session goal (heart rate or pace).
- Be notified when interval changes
- Be notified when you're midway in the session
• Swipe right to display the Now Playing screen
• At the end of the session, all tracking results (distance, duration, heart rates, etc.) are saved and synced automatically via iCloud to the macOS app.

*** Race ***
• Add scheduled official races from the macOS app
• During the race, track your run with the Apple Watch app and see if you're on track for your race goal.

*** Stats ***
• See all your running statistics (total distance per week, month or year).
• See all your race results by distance (10K, Half-marathon, Marathon, Trails, etc), all in one screen and see your PR for each distance.
Ismail Mengad