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My Reminder Summary

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My Reminder Summary

The Apple Watch is great but there isn't a way to view your reminders on your wrist. Now there is.

MyReminderSummary lets you glance at your reminders and see a complete list of all your reminders color coded by when they are due.

You can switch between Complete, Incomplete and All Reminder views.

You can even mark a task as complete from your watch.

We didn't include functionality to add reminders as Siri does a great job of this already.

MyReminderSummary is the missing piece that ensures your productivity.

The iPhone app lets you quickly view your tasklist and filter quickly and easily and is used to chose which Reminder List you want to use (or chose all !). You can even chose your prefered color for your reminder list on the Apple Watch.

Note: This app uses the apple reminder list, not a separate list like many other reminder apps.
Nic Betts