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My Recipes

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My Recipes

From budding cooks to professional chefs the easy to use yet incredibly feature packed My Recipes app has something for everyone. Keep your own recipes, share with friends, save recipes from the web, built-in kitchen tools, sync with iCloud and so much more.

Ok, Lets just jump straight to the main features of My Recipes:

Apple Watch:

View all of your active timers on your Apple Watch. Pause and resume timers and even create new timers right from your Apple Watch.

Browse your shopping lists and check off items as you go with your Apple Watch or delete entire lists.

Create new shopping lists and add items using dictation.

Browse thought your entire recipe collection, or just your favourites, and view important details, full ingredients and instructions for each recipe.

Add items to the shopping list when viewing a recipe on Apple Watch.

My Recipes:

- Create and edit your own recipes.

- Use your camera to scan recipes. My Recipes will automatically convert the images to fully editable text for you.

- Ingredient scaling automatically re-calculates quantities at the touch of a button.

- Save recipes using the built in web browser with a single tap for supported sites.

- Add recipes from any website with assisted manual save.

- Recipe finder. Just type in some ingredients and My Recipes will search millions of recipes online and find you matches.

- Add ingredients to your shopping list from recipes with one touch.

- Share shopping lists and the recipient can not just read the list you send but import it into their own copy of My Recipes at the touch of a button.

- Timers you can customise to your liking.

- Advanced searching finds your recipes by name, ingredient and tags simultaneously and in real time.

- Create tags for your recipes and My Recipes will automatically add them to a tag bar on your recipes list. Letting you quickly and easily get to the recipes you want.

- Share recipes with friends, emailed recipes have a unique My Recipes file, which can be imported to the My Recipes app with a single touch.

- iCloud enabled syncing and My Recipes automatically creates a daily backup of your iCloud recipes so you can transfer them to your computer for safe keeping.

- Notifications of timers finishing even when the app is not in use or your device is in standby.

- Egg timer to calculate the cooking time for the perfect boiled egg.

- Weight, liquids and temperature conversion tools for easily converting measurements.

- Portion tool. Use the camera on your device to overlay an adjustable cutting guide allowing you to accurately slice up cakes, pizzas, and whatever else you want to.

- Email, print and iMessage your recipes.

- Backup and restore your entire recipes database onto your computer for safekeeping.

- Transfer your entire My Recipes collection to other iOS devices running My Recipes.

- Localised into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified,) Chinese (Traditional) and Japanese.

- Universal iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch App so you only buy it once.

**No in-app purchases. Everything free. Always**

*Apple Watch requires iPhone 5 or later and iOS 8.2 or later.
Stuart McLean