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Introducing the amazing app which helps a user to view loadshedding schedule, Nepali weekly calendar, current Nepali festivals and convert Nepali/English dates.

Key Features:
• My Patro:
- View Nepali events and festivals
- Favorite news feature
- Offline news feature
- See how many days is remaining for events and festivals in calendar listing section

• Apple Watch App:
- Weekly events and festivals available in app.
- 5 various complication added.

• News Widget:
- News widget available.
- Read latest 10 news directly from news widget.
- Open news by clicking on image from widget.

• Forex Notification Widget:
- View foreign exchange.

• Gold and Silver Notification Widget:
- View gold and silver values.
- View increased or decreased value of gold and silver.

• My Patro Notification Widget:
- Displays today's Nepali festival
- Event indicator for events or festivals.
- Views Nepali date for a week
- Displays month-end date

• Date Converter Notification Widget:
- Convert Nepali date (B.S.) to English date (A.D.) and vice versa.
- Copy converted date easily clicking on it.

• Loadshedding Notification Widget:
- View today's schedule for all groups in one screen
- Displays countdown to next loadshedding
- Displays remaining time in current loadshedding.
- Automatically updates changes in loadshedding schedule
- Set your loadshedding group
- Loadshedding schedule for tomorrow

The best part is, My Patro, Forex, Gold Silver Price and Date Converter widgets are accessible even in lock mode. Apart from this, while you are using any application, you will be able to access all three notification widgets.

We have really worked hard to show as much information as we can in small screen. We hope user get best user experience using our application.

Please spend a minute and leave a quick review in the App Store. It really helps others to make a better decision before downloading My Patro.
If you have feedback or issues, please email us at [email protected] We're listening!

Thanks for using My Patro!

Cyclone Nepal Info Tech Pvt. Ltd.
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Cyclone Nepal Info Tech Private Limited