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My LapTimer

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My LapTimer

My LapTimer is primarily a native Watch app for runners doing laps. It is easy to start and stop a lap with a single tap:

• no countdown timer to start
• no swiping or double-taps to finish.

The native Watch app works even when the iPhone is not present.

Elapsed time, distance (as reported by the Watch) and pace are displayed while running.

Lap distance, duration and pace are saved on the Watch and these can be viewed by swiping right to left.

Distance, duration and calories are also optionally stored in HealthKit and contribute to the Activity rings. Workout location and type can be selected above the HealthKit switch on the 3rd screen on the Watch.

Distance and pace can be displayed in metric or imperial measurements.

Multiple consecutive laps can be timed - the Multiple Laps switch on the watch app's settings screen (3rd screen) below the Haptic Feedback switch. These are sent to HealthKit as a single workout.

Haptic feedback after every mile or 1000 meters can be selected.

At the bottom of the list of completed laps there is a Clear button to delete all the laps in the Watch app's database; this could be used at the start a session.

The companion iPhone app can be used to view, modify and delete laps, as well as share any day's laps as a CSV file via email e.g. send to your coach.

Data is transferred from the Watch to the paired iPhone whenever the completed lap times screen in the Watch app is viewed by swiping right to left on the main screen.

The app's database on the iPhone can be backed up using iTunes File Sharing.


If you have any issues, please send an email via the App Support button on the iTunes Ratings and Review screen or the Developer Website link.
Godfrey Raftesath