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My GPS Coordinates Lite

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My GPS Coordinates Lite

This application allows you to read geographical coordinates in four formats simultaneously. We are able to display coordinates in four formats on one screen:
- DMS (Degrees, minutes, seconds)
- DDM Degrees and decimal minutes
- DD Decimal degrees
- UTM Universal Transverse Mercator

Additional data that is displayed is altitude and GPS accuracy. Altitude is measured using three sources:
- GPS receiver
- Network API
- built-in barometer sensor
Using the data, we are able to display your position on Maps.

One of the most useful features is being able to take a photo with GPS coordinates overlayed on it. If you don’t want to take a picture, you can save your location by adding it to your places. In saved locations, you can find saved photos as well as saved places. Data history is recorded chronologically.

The S.O.S functionality allows you to quickly send your GPS coordinates and a Google Maps link by Messages to provided phone number(s) in settings. We can additionally provide text content that will appear in a message.

On the main screen as well as the history screen, you can share your GPS coordinates with your buddies via your social media profile, messenger apps or email.

In settings you can manage things like:

- GPS data refresh rate interval (the more often the more battery life)
- at what distance the GPS data should be refreshed (the more often the more battery life)
- altitude units
- accuracy units
- speed units
- if saved photos should also be saved in your phones gallery
- text position and color in photos

The application contains advertisements, if you don’t want to see the ads or GPS data from plugged in, more precise GPS receivers such as Garmin GLO2, you can buy a subscription. By plugging into external GPS services, accuracy of the received measurements increases to 1 foot.

The accuracy of the application depends on the sensitivity of the GPS receiver built into the phone. In most cases, the GPS modules embedded in the phone provide an accuracy of + - 10 m. GPS sensitivity also depends on the place of measurement:
Inferior measurements often inside buildings, between buildings and in bad weather.
Better in the open air, under a clear sky.

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