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My Forecasts

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My Forecasts

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"Best weather app - This is the only weather app that I use." 5/5 Stars
"The most useful weather app" 5/5 Stars
"Excellent" 5/5 Stars
"Super helpful!!" 5/5 Stars
"Sweet!!" 5/5 Stars
"Refreshing" 5/5 Stars
"Simple, beautiful, and accurate" 5/5 Stars
"Great info display" 4/5 Stars
"Beautiful UI and very useful" 4/5 Stars
"Very handy and reliable : This app works great to schedule every day activities, based on the weather. Great idea. Great interface. Well done!" 5/5 Stars
"My favorite weather app : Clean-up colorful appearance and accurate forecasts. Great widget so I don't always have to launch the app to get a quick look at what to expect. By far my favorite weather app out of the dozens I've tried." 5/5 Stars

Define what a good forecast is for you and let My Forecasts show you when the next time that weather should happen!

There are tons of apps that tell you the weather, but none let you customize the weather report for your outdoor life!

- Weather details from over 16 sources, aggregated for consistency and accuracy
- Forecast shown in info-graphic form - no need to be a meteorologist!
- Simple colored bar graphs show details by hour
- Touch and slide your finger over any daily graph for even more details for that hour!
- Save multiple locations for your outdoor activities
- Create multiple "Activity Settings" for each of your forecasts - star gazing, hiking, sailing, or whatever else you like to do outside!
- Simple Red/Yellow/Green quality bar on screen tells you at a glance how your day looks
- Scroll through the next 7 days to get hourly information
- Turn your device sideways for a landscape view of the week long summary
- Use iMessage to send someone one of the graphs to let them know a great (or bad) day is coming up for your outdoor activity!
- Glance at your Apple Watch to get the next 12 hours worth of forecast and activity information
- Use the Today widget from your home screen for a quick glance at the forecast

No more looking at a bunch of different apps to find out what you need for your outdoor life!

My Forecasts brings your forecasts to you at a single glance!
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