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My Barometer and Altimeter

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My Barometer and Altimeter

Check current pressure, elevation or weather conditions as fast as possible.

With our clean and intuitive app, you can see the current pressure with just one look. You can save any current value to compare pressure from other days. What's coolest is that you can swipe through multiple units and instantly see the pressure in the value you are interested in, including:

- hectopascal
- kilopascal
- millimeter of mercury
- bar
- millibar
- pounds per square inch
- inch of mercury

You can also change preferred units in settings.

With one screen swipe, you can see an altimeter gauge with current values, our precise altitude calculation algorithms (which involve GPS, network services and calibrated pressure sensors) we deliver you the most accurate elevation info as possible, in barometric units or if you prefer, you can swipe over to metric and imperial units.

The third screen of the application has clear, accurate weather info, which includes:

- temperature
- wind speed
- wind direction
- humidity
- cloudiness
- dewpoint temperature
- fog
Andrew Neal