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Muslim Mate

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Muslim Mate

Get your hands on the most advanced and comprehensive Islamic mobile application that intends to serve as a lucid Islamic resource for the devout followers of Islam. A must-have app for your Apple gadget! From Accurate Prayer Timings (with alarms, adhans & weather) to Zakat Calculator, from searchable Holy Quran (with multilingual phonetic transliterations, translations & recitations) to Islamic Calendar & Events, and from locating nearby Islamic places to sending Islamic Greeting Cards, the app is geared towards providing all the requisite Islamic information and knowledge as and when required.


● Accurate Prayer Timings calculated for your exact geographical location
● Alarm notifications for prayers with several beautiful Adhans (Call to Prayer) to choose from for alarm sound
● Qibla Compass, which also allows you to orient your device towards Qibla
● Access prayer times & Qibla compass directly from the pull down Today Widget menu
● Complete Holy Quran, with multilingual phonetic transliterations, translations & audio recitations. Customizable style/script, font and font size. An optional Daily Verse served to you at your preferred time of the day
● Fully searchable Quran allowing you to search for any text in the Arabic Quran, Transliteration, Translation or Surah name. You can also Bookmark, Share or Copy any verse
● Locate Islamic places in your vicinity on a zoomable map, which also shows you the exact route & distance from your current location. You can look for Mosques, Halal Restaurants, Butcher Shops, Book Stores, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Clothing Stores, Shops & Services, Cultural Centers, Spiritual Centers, Museums, Conferences, or Conventions
● Ramadan Timings, for current or any past / future years. Print hi-resolution ramadan timetable
● 99 Names of ALLAH (Asma al Husna), with meanings & a beautiful audio recitation
● 6 Kalimas, with phonetic transliterations, translations & recitations
● Accurate Zakat Calculator, with history for all your previous calculations
● Islamic Events, listing significant events from the Islamic history. It also shows Islamic & Gregorian Calendar dates for the upcoming Islamic events & holidays
● Islamic Calendar, marked with Islamic Events. Convert between any Gregorian Calendar date & Islamic date
● Exclusive Greetings Cards for Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Hajj. You can add customized text on the card & share/send to anyone
● Digital Tasbih with sound & vibration options. You can add as many Tasbih types as you want. It also maintains a history/log, enabling you to refer to exactly what, when & how much Tasbih you recited in the past
● Listen to Quran recitation, 99 Names of ALLAH and Kalima recitation even when the app is in the background
● View current weather information and weather forecast for the next 5 prayer times, right from the app's home screen

Please keep sending us your valuable suggestions. We are continuously working on further improving the app.
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