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MusicBox Mini

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MusicBox Mini

Presenting to you a music box app, designed to provide an interactive experience on your Watch. By simply rotating the Digital Crown, you can simulate the enchanting experience of a traditional music box, right at your fingertips.

You can browse, edit, and share your very own music box library on your Phone. We invite you to explore the creative possibilities, share your unique compositions and discover the works of others.

"Feels like a real music box on my watch!"
- Michael Johnson

"Music composition feature is so nice."
- Sarah Williams

"Unique use of the Digital Crown."
- Thomas Brown

"The traditional music box feeling, right on my wrist. Incredible!"
- Lucy Davis

Key Features

Realistic Experience
- Control the melody playing by rotating the watch crown, just like a real music box.

Melody Composition
- Create your very own melodies on your phone.

- Spread the joy of music by sharing your unique compositions with friends.

Watch Syncing
- Sync your melodies to your Watch and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Music Box(Coming Soon)
- Add custom engraving and change music box color.


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