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Muscle Junkie

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Muscle Junkie

Getting healthier and more active life is easier with Muscle Junkies.

It's impossible to know how much or what kind of activity you need to stay healthy. That's why Muscle Junkies has come up with an app that can improve your understanding about consuming calories, steps tracking, water intake, sleep etc. to help you live natural, happy and fit lifestyle.
Just tap “Start Workout” and connect your phone with FitShow Bluetooth treadmills when you are ready and Muscle Junkies will begin mapping your every step. Lose weight, get strong or just improve your fitness level with Muscle Junkies. Personalized plans let you exercise anywhere - no gym required. Set your goals, do powerful HIIT exercises and develop a better body in weeks. When your workout is finished, press Stop Workout to get an overview of your workout. You will be able to see a very precise map of your workout route, along with the details of your workout. You can view the details and route of all your previous workouts. The application calculates how much you ran, how many calories you burned and an average speed. Train and improve your whole body with fitness.

Top Features
Track and record all of your fitness activities
This app integrates with the Health app.
Connect your phone with any FitShow Bluetooth treadmill
A motivating voice that you can customize to relay your pace, distance, and time
10-30 minute workouts personalized to your schedule, level and goals
Soothing melody to your mind, body and soul
Audio Guided runs and Freestyle workouts with Muscle Junkies coaches and athletes
Global and Custom Challenges monthly to compete on Leader board

Rather than going for extreme, untenable solution we believe in lifestyle change and make fitness a habit. You can get personal online running coach, dietitian or fitness coach at Muscle Junkies app to reach your goal 4X faster.

This app integrates with the Health app to track your steps and Sleep data to show them in a beautiful way