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Munchie Match

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Munchie Match

Action packed match 3 game with numerous intricate puzzles involving fun, colored food. Quickly maneuver and match the descending hamburgers, hot dogs and tacos to get points or to create new, more powerful food that will help you achieve your goal.

Challenge your speed and intuition as you get through a multitude of unique levels, with a variety of objectives and obstacles.

Watch out for the hungry monsters, they eat anything in their paths and might ruin your progress. Capture them ASAP!

Pop the ascending bubble before it floats too high or else it's game over!

Food factories will create large piles of food, use it to your advantage but use it carefully, it could be your demise!

Compete with others online for the best score and achievements!

Get rewarded for your hard work with new power-ups and new food!
Bouchard Industries Corp.