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Many babies can only fall asleep with monotone sounds in the background, for example that of a hair dryer. Also people with an intense Tinnitus often require static noise in the background to rest. You can now switch off the hair dryer and save yourself a high electricity bill. MultiSound features the sound of five typical household appliances. Some have multiple models and kinds of sounds. The most important features are:

• Five household appliances: Hair dryer, washing machine, microwave oven and dishwasher

• Different models and kinds of sounds or settings. New and updated sounds will be added with later updates.

• Professional and realistic recordings

• Timer mode, which stops the sound after a certain time (up to 24 hours and 59 minutes). Optionally gives you a notification if the timer ist done and MultiSound is not in the foreground.

• Sounds continue in the background and on locked devices (with the screen turned off)

• Apple Watch support. Choose appliances, models and settings right on your Apple Watch. Start and Stop the sound output; check for the timer on the glance interface and get a notification right on your Apple Watch when the timer runs out.

• Uses very little space on the device

MultiSound requires iOS 7 and is optimised for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
Rene Fouquet