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Multi Timer

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Multi Timer

"Multi Timer" includes a number of unique fonts for the time display. Scroll down (using finger or the crown) you will see a two stopwatches and two countdown timers.

Top of the display shows the status of the four timers. Each can be turned on and off with this screen.

Scroll down, you have two stopwatches. All timer may be used at the same time. Stopwatches have functions: Start, Stop, Pause, and Resume.

Scroll down you have two countdown timers - time your eggs while you are timing your exercise routine. Tract the time of two ponies at the track.

The countdown timers remember the time set for the last run, so you do not have to reenter the amount of time each time you use the countdown timers. Countdown timers can countdown from Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

An added bonus is the Coin Flip at the bottom. Cannot make decision, use the Coin Flip App.

"Glance" screen and "Press Menu" Apple Watch technology are used in "Multi Time". Uses Press Menu to access the seven different fonts for the time display.
Glance shows last StopWatch run.

Figure 1: Top Screen, allows you to Start and Stop all timers.

Figure 2: First StopWatch.

Figure 3: First StopWatch with different font.

Figure 4: First Count Down timer.

Figure 5: Some of the fonts available.
Jeff Lefavi