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Mu - Watch Pet

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Mu - Watch Pet

Mu - Watch Pet isn't a typical Tamagotchi type game; it's more of an RPG which requires strategy and decision making to keep the pet alive & happy.

In the game, the user has to keep a cute blue blob (called "Mu") alive by maintaining 3 stats: Energy, Fitness, and Fun. These stats are increased by assigning different tasks to the pet, which cost coins in the game (coins are gained by putting Mu to work). Virtual pet games usually tend to be simplistic in which the user can just click on buttons to increase the stats but our game requires a lot of thinking and strategy to make sure Mu is healthy and happy.

Users are expected to return to the game throughout the day for quick 10-15 second interactions in which they assign Mu different tasks. Glance View on Apple Watch also shows a quick glimpse of how a person's Mu is doing.
Home Screen
The home screen on Mu shows the relevant stats and Mu's status update. Mu comes to life on the home screen through some beautiful animations.
Menu screen
The menu lists different tasks that the user can put Mu to. The user has to choose tasks carefully because each task increases/decreases different stats.
The sub-menu lists the individual tasks to assign to Mu. In this case, the user can choose what to feed Mu. Again, the choices need to be made carefully since each option has a related cost.
Home screen after task is selected
Once a user assigns Mu a task, the screen goes back to the home screen and it shows Mu engaged in that task.
Moolion Inc.

We're a team of 2 brothers and we have always loved videogames from an early age. We taught ourselves how to make games several years ago and the first game we imagined was a virtual pet game. When the Apple Watch was announced, we knew that this would be the perfect platform for our game.