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MTC Rapier Ballistic

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MTC Rapier Ballistic

A Ballistic Calculator that connects to the Rapier Ballistic Laser rangefinder.

The MTC Optics Rapier Ballistic Calculator App connects to the MTC Optics Laser rangefinder. Enter data to give bullet drop in Mils, MOA, mm and inches. Can be programmed to take into account wind and will show fall of shot on the on-screen reticle.

Where the Rapier Ballistic calculator differs for every other calculator is that it can pair with the new MTC Ballistic laser rangefinder. The Rangefinder and the app will communicate via bluetooth and relay information back to the smartphone and onto the supplied bluetooth earpiece if required.

MTC Rapier Ballistic Rangefinder will accurately measure ranges out to one kilometre with an accuracy of 1 metre, and yet is contained in a tiny package that contains a bluetooth module capable of connection to an external smartphone. With this feature enabled the MTC ballistic app can be used to instantly calculate points of impacts, holdover even windage!
MTC BALLISTIC includes RF monocular with integrated Bluetooth communication module and ballistic app for mobile devices.

When RF monocular is connected to smart phone with this ballistic app, it automatically transmits range and angle data to the mobile device, where POA correction is instantly calculated.
POA correction (can be chosen between MILs / Clicks / MOA ) is made available to the operator in following ways:
• on rangefinder screen
• on smartphone screen
• By voice (the voice command informs of the distance to the target and POA correction) (Bluetooth earphone is included with the rangefinder)
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