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msbtrack PRO

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msbtrack PRO

This application is primarily meant for the administrators of the institute / organization / contractors allowing them to keep track of their vehicles.

Smart & Intelligent UI :

Always keeps you live. Highly user friendly interface facilitates ease of use and comfort.

Multi-Vehicle :

Track and monitor all vehicles one screen

Location Tracking :

Locate the vehicle anytime!

Daily Reports :

Customized reports for the management related to timings, driving patterns, route taken by the driver to avoid illegitimate usage of transport system

History Replay :

History Replay, that allows the transport manager to view the historic movement of the entire fleet on a mobile screen

Overspeed Alerts :

Real time notification in case of speed limit violations, vehicle breakdown or other emergency situation

Other Alerts :

Ignition ON / OFF Alerts
Geo-Fence - Entry / Exit Alerts

and many more
tracknow pvt ltd