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Mr. smoking area map "information sharing" [+Plas]

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Mr. smoking area map "information sharing" [+Plas]

Now to breathe and where you want! But smoke?
Such a person and the other peace of mind, if there is this app
Now, you can find out from where their Ile 1 nearest smoking area immediately.

It is the concept of sharing information in a user-like each other (· ∀ ·)
Too! Navigation light and also operate because no ads at all is also a crisp!

[Smoking area map search and Tabakopin function]
■ Use the GPS function of Google map, that smoke can be or to confirm the location of the "smoking area", you can examine the route to there.

■ When you tap the "Tabakopin" that Sasa' on the MAP, you can check the information of the designated smoking areas.

■ Tap the "position" mark, move the cursor to the location of the new "smoking area", and tap the Enter button, enter the information of the new "smoking area", and you can give birth to "Tabakopin".

※※ to give birth to "Tabakopin" is a mischievous mind, let's stop. Therefore nuisance ※※

■ If you tap the "magnifying glass" mark, finely check the information in the "smoking area", you can be the search.

■ If the information in the "Tabakopin" that Sasa' on the MAP is old, by tapping the old "Tabakopin" and it can be rewritten to new information.

Since ■ is equipped with a comment or a camera function, impressions and using the smoking area, and up the atmosphere of the place in the photo, have downloaded the app, be reporting the information to your want to know is can.

※ new information is, by birth a "Tabakopin" Do not hold back more and more, but please share the information!

The street smoking, walking tobacco may is punished.
And information shared by smokers with each other let's good tobacco life.