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Mr. RainBerry

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Mr. RainBerry


And finally someone will take care of your daily questions:
- should I take an umbrella today?
- should I eat a gummy bear?
- are there any berries in da space?

Mr. RainBerry will show you everything about weather conditions outside of your room.
No more looking out of the window! Just sit inside and you will still know what kind of weather is outside! Isn't it brilliant?

Besides that, you will also be bombarded with information about:
• Wind speed and in which way it blows - remember days you had to use your finger to find that out? Now there's a better way!
• Sunrise and sunset - in other words, when you SHOULD go to sleep. And when not.
• Pressure - you want to know something about the weight of air in the atmosphere of Earth that is pressing your head?
• Humidity - you couldn't miss that - Berries loooove moisture
• Moon phase - how much of the moon is left

So, download the app and repeat after me: Berry berry berry berry berry berry berry berry berry berry .... berry and you will get also

• Poetic descriptions for every day of the week
• Beautiful full day view that always looks different - never get bored with the same screen
•’s super duper accurate weather data
Maciej Lobodzinski