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Mr Binary Watch

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Mr Binary Watch

Brand New Layout

Brand new, intuitive layout design, a real binary watch, which has three hands and mimics ordinary watch faces.

Binary Watch for Everyone

Easy to read. There are four quarters, each has two bits for hours and four-four bits for minutes and seconds. So, you need to read from binary 0000 to binary 1111 only.

One Watch for your ALL Apple devices. Have fun, have your own Binary Watch now.

- Advanced, intuitive
- Ordinary watch face with three hour hands mimic
- Day counter.

Tips and tricks:

- How keep your app in front:

On your AppleWatch: Settings -> General -> Wake Screen -> ON TAP: Wake for 70 Seconds, ON SCREEN RAISE SHOW LAST APP: Always.

Real Face App coming soon (end of February, 2020), as an update.

- How can you read your Mr Binary Watch:

There are three hour arms on watch face, red as seconds, green as minutes, turquoise as hours, and the pink shows days.

In the particular quarter
zero-to-three hour (0-15 second), three-to-six (16-30 second), six-to-nine (31-45 second), nine-to-twelve (46-59 second) just add the displayed bits to the quarter starting value. Quite intuitive, is't it?

Have fun.
Gabor SOOS