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MP3 Voice Recorder ,MP3 player

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MP3 Voice Recorder ,MP3 player

iMessage Recorder
Apple Watch Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is an easy voice recorder
.One Touch Recording,
.One Touch Stop & Save,
.Storing recording both in raw and mp3 format,
.Voice memos,
.voice email,
.Easy to use ,
.Voice iCloud,
.Voice Recorder free is Simple and user-friendly,
.It is working offline completely with no ads,
.Recording Unlimited
.Voice Email Up to 5MB ,
.Share memos easily by one tap with ( DropBox , WhatsApp , Google Drive , Facebook Messenger , Files and Other favorite Apps ),
.Record Timer & Playback Counter ,
.Auto File Naming ,
.Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps,
.Supported recording in background,
.Memos you record can also be transferred to your Mac or PC Via USB
(itunes file sharing)
.Scan fingerprint for more security files (touch ID),
.Sticker Color For Searching easy your files.
.3D Touch Support
.You have access to all files with Apple Watch
.Help Section in different languages
.Add Title To Record
.Voice Changer

Screen Recorder
.Unlimited screen recorder
.This application has a very great feature. you can record screen of your device , while it is optional to add the microphone sound be synced to the video or not. It let you create very great high quality Mp4 videos from the screen and then automatically , it will be saved in camera roll.
.Screen Recorder Help Part
.There is a Help part for screen recorder , All the details about this screen recorder and also all the tutorials are available in this Help part.

Apple Watch
.Recording with AppleWatch and Playing History

.Record audio then share it by iMessage App with your friends in iMessage

Add Media player
You Can reward & forward the audio memos even in lock screen Mode.
A Professional slider comes to help for easy navigation in memo

Unlimited Voice Recorder
Unlimited Screen Recorder

1- Connect your iPhone/iPod to iTunes
2- Select your device in iTunes on the left
3- At the top click on the "Apps" tab
4- Scroll down and select the app My Voice Record on the left
5- Your voice memos will appear on the right, just save them in any folder you want
Milad Fakhr