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MOZE 3.0

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MOZE 3.0

MOZE is a personal expense tracker which has a beautiful interface and focus on user-experience. We want all of you to build a habit of tracking your daily expense.


Tracking the expense is just the first step for your financial management.

Everyone should have a comprehensive view of their financial situation and understand where their money comes in and goes out.

◆ Keep track of your money
Tracking every expenses you have and understand your spending pattern

◆ Easily manage your budget
Creating the personalised budgets according to your preference. Allowing you have a more effective financial management.

◆ Reduce the unnecessary expense
Building a good spending habit by identifying the needs and wants

◆ Reach your financial goals
Keeping your every accounts and balances in one place to understand your financial life


Have you ever used any expense tracker before?

Don’t worry, no matter you are new to expense tracking or experienced. MOZE provides a comprehensive workflow and advanced features for a better expense tracking experience.

- For new user -

◆ Putting your expenses into different categories
◆ Keeping an eye on all your assets and debts
◆ Creating different projects and budgets
◆ Building an expense tracking habit step-by-step

- For experienced user -

◆ Looking for more advanced features
◆ Integrating with your existing records
◆ Multi-currency support
◆ Creating different kinds of reports



We are always listening to any feedbacks and suggestions from our users, trying to make improvements and developing more new features. We want to provide a much better experience for all of you.

◎ Multiple accounts support
◎ Multi-currency support
◎ Payables and receivables tracking
◎ Projects
◎ Budget planning
◎ Recurring transactions
◎ Installments
◎ Pending transactions
◎ Postpone transaction
◎ Transaction duplication
◎ Refund
◎ Split-payment
◎ Fee / Discount
◎ Template
◎ Credit card payment reminder
◎ Statements combination
◎ Statement installment
◎ Credit sharing
◎ Statement mode
◎ Auto-Deposit
◎ Rewards
◎ Rich charts and analysis
◎ CSV import and export
◎ Search
◎ Batch edit and delete
◎ Balance adjustment
◎ Customize categories
◎ Passcode protection
◎ Back up to the cloud
◎ Themes
◎ Free bank icons
◎ Widgets support
◎ Apple Watch support
◎ Customer service


After 6 years of evolution, we have been listening to every one of you. We have made a better expense tracking app based on all your opinions and feedback. We truly hope we can bring a second to none expense tracking experience for you.

In MOZE 3.0, we offering two plans, “FREE” & “PREMIUM”.

The “FREE” plan will provide basic expense tracking functionality, without any limits on the number of records and accounts. Also, you will not be seeing any ads in the app.

The “PREMIUM” plan unlocks all the features including multi-currency support, receivables and payables tracking, split payment, statement mode and many other new features. Meanwhile, you are only paying $0.99/month or $9.99/year for subscription.


MOZE is beyond an expense tracking tool, we have added a bit of esthetic to it and hoping to bring more fun to your life.

If you have any problem about using the MOZE app, please do not hesitate to leave us a message on our Facebook page as well as send us an email.

Email: [email protected]

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