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Movuku allows you to play movement sensitive songs.

How the sounds in a song are triggered, and how they then sound, depend on how you move your phone.

This allows you to create your own, unique, personal soundtrack for general mindfulness or stress relief practices or more structured well-being activities like Ti Chi, Qigong or Pilates.

If you have an Apple Watch then starting the Movuku app on the watch allows you to select songs to play from the list of current albums. Once you swipe left on to the Now Playing screen the sounds on your phone will be triggered by movements from the watch rather than from the phone. The Watch app will also create a Mind and Body workout for each session you have the Now Playing screen active so you can monitor your heart rate and energy burned during a Movuku session. You will get a prompt on your phone or on the watch to allow access to Health data to allow these workouts to be shown and saved.
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