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A movie is starting in the TV and you don't know if to watch it or not? Are you opening your cable provider and you don't know what movie is better? Tired of searching in the phone or in the computer to get the score of the films?

MovieScore is an Apple Watch App to ask the rating of any movie, and to maintain list of desired movies to watch and their scores. You can say to the watch the movie title and the App will use filmaffinity service to get the rating of the film, showing it in the watch. You don't need open the phone anymore.

MovieScore will show you in the watch all the movie titles matching your search and, if you want to store the title and rating to watch after, simply you must select the movie title in the result list.

The iPhone app show all the movies you have selected to add, and you can reorder, delete or select the movie. If you select the movie name the app will open a page in with all the movie data.


- Search movie ratings giving the title to the watch with speech to text technology, or using scribble.
- Add favorite films to a list selecting from the results in the watch.
- In the iPhone, reorder, delete or select the movie title to see the movie data.
- Set as a complication in the watch to quick launch.
- Save your "to watch" movies in folders by category or source.
- Send folder contents by email.

How to use folders:
- Create new folders with the folder bar button.
- Move items to a folder with long tap over the item row.
- Delete folders as usual, but the folder must be void before deleting it.
- Reorder folders as usual, entering in editing mode.

This app use data provided from with permission of the owners.

Note: this app is not very useful without an Apple Watch.