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Movie Pulse

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Movie Pulse

A cutting-edge companion of your emotionally moving cinema visits. You are a movie buff and eager to know what films are doing with us?

▶ Capture and analyze your emotions

Movie Pulse identifies emotionally important situations while you are watching a movie. This is done via your heart beat. Therefore this app measures your heart rate via Apple Watch and temporarily uses data from the Health app. It does not store data to the Health app. Please note: a paired Apple Watch is strongly required!

▶ Cinema is the best place

Watch a movie (preferably in a non-distracting surrounding such as a cinema). „Start“ at the companion app on your Apple Watch at the beginning of the Studio Fanfare. Deep press „Stop“ at end of the movie - now your record pops up in this app. Search for the appropriate title and save.

▶ Identify when the movie impacts most

Rotate to landscape to see the graph full screen. The emotional response is depicted as high (red) and low (green) moments in a timeline. Red can result from suspense or anger. Green is not only an indicator of a calm situation - fast changes to green can have origins of concentration, for example, a difficult important dialogue!

▶ Share and compare your results

The recorded Movie Pulse is depicted as a graph with a timeline. It can be shared and stored in a picture. So you can compare your results with others.

Your heart rate is a sensitive information. Therefore we visualize higher and lower rates through the graph and state max/average/min only. We respect your privacy! This app does not collect any of your data. But feel free to share the graph yourself.


We gratefully thank „The Open Movie Database“ to get access to their API, made by Brian Fritz. All content licensed under CC-BY 4.0.
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