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Send And Receive Gift Cards or IOUs With Friends For Completing Fitness Challenges
Welcome To Movetivate, The Playful Way To Incentivize Fitness!

~How It Works~
Offer Your Friend A Gift Card To Complete A Fitness Challenge
...If they do it in time, they get the gift card
...If not, you get your money back

Receive a Gift Card From Your Friend For Completing a Fitness Challenge
...If you do it in time, you get the gift card
...If not, they get their money back

Why Give Someone A Gift Card To Workout?
...Because getting started is the hardest part
...And sometimes it takes a little extra encouragement from a loved one to get you going again

~What You're Joining~
With Movetivate, You Will...
• Feel More Motivated To Work Out - whether it’s the gift card reward or not wanting to let your friend down, multiple factors will help motivate you when you receive a challenge.

• Give And Get Motivation - Movetivate helps shift the initiative and spark to get going from you to someone that cares about you.

• Have A Playful, Disarming Way To Encourage Exercise - talking about exercise can feel like nagging. Movetivate is playful, spontaneous and fun!

• Show You Care About Them - offering a loved one a gift card to their favorite place shows you care about them and their health.

• Give A Unique Gift That Does Something - we buy gift cards and greeting cards for each other all the time. Movetivate offers a unique twist while also giving the gift of motivation and health.

• Join A Positive, "Fitness Lite" Community - at Movetivate, we believe every little bit helps, whether that's a 10 minute walk or marathon. Connect with and encourage friends and people like you.

~About Movetivate~
It Started With A Story Of A Mother And Son
A son wanted to help motivate his mom to start exercising again. After years of working long hours and miserable commutes, his mom had little time for her self. He created Movetivate as a playful way to get her moving again.

*Download Now And Motivate Someone You Care About To Get Moving!*
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