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Moveo Calc

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Moveo Calc

Moveo brings to you a Calculator app with a minimal UI that delivers better UX. Specially designed to suit Apple devices and the Apple Watch, this simple app offers quick, lightweight interactions. Use it to make some rapid calculations!

Minimal interface with only four buttons in a row.
Flat design with simple and circular buttons.
Operations highlighted in different colors.

Simple and easy to use interface.
Black background that blends seamlessly with device bezel, improving usability.
Perfect calculator app for the wrist.
Responsive Results
Moveo Calc for apple watch extremely flexible calculator armed with powerful features. This app makes calculating fun and intuitive with its fantastic look.
Easy to Use Interface
Moveo Calc is for those that prefer simplicity and an interface that replicates calculating on paper. Big icons and flashy look app offers a lot of functionality.

Moveoapps mobile app design & development company creating definitive mobile experiences for iOS, Android, PhoneGap and Windows Phone.