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MoVe Venice

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MoVe Venice


- Map view now contains the tide level in realtime, as a widget and as a map layer showing underwater zones (with tide > 90 m SLM)
- For Apple watch, the new app and complications allow you to see the tide level realtime.


Public Venice transport times always in your pocket!

You can check boat, bus and tram timetables.
Last update added following services:
- Alilaguna (from and to Marco Polo airport by boat)
- Flixbus (from and to Europe by bus)

Be updated about mobility news reading the dedicated "News" section.

Check the Venice public transport cards status and ticket contents.

Remind the cards and subscriptions expirations with calendar events.

iOS 9+: Cards and contents are indexed for local spotlight searches.

The App doesn't read the card content directly but it uses available web services to retrive such details.

ATTENTION: The cards contents are retrieved using official services published by Venice public transport manager: contents and profiles are relative, for technical reason, to what actually recorded in the cards 48 hours before every enquiry.

The GPS usage can reduce significantly the autonomy of the device.